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  1. Thanks a ton for sharing this. Getting children to comment appropriately on their peer’s blog is a challenge which I have been facing since last session.
    However this article is definitely going to help me overcome the same. Also its the best time for me as the next session starts on Monday and right from the beginning I will be able to guide them in proper direction.
    Thanks once again

  2. Magic idea for a post! This is something that I will be using in some form with my own students. I have been giving peer feedback alot of thought recently and I have had a go at using alternative feedback methods in two different ways.

    One of the ways I have used it is to ask the older students from our grade 4 classes to assess our final Prezis for our final project work. The feedback from the grade 4 students was super but what was more interesting was the way alot of my grade 2 students didn’t like the idea of children 2-3 years older giving them feedback.

    The second situation where I have used alternative feedback was with my student’s quest stories. I decided that I wanted their parents to read the children’s stories with their children and provide feedback to the stories they had written. This was the best piece of student feedback I have had in years – just maybe we should pass marking onto parents!

  3. Hey Reid,
    Thanks for this post. I did my final project in course 1 on getting my Grade 3s started with blogging and focusing on the basics (posting, commenting etc). We created a rubric for each together. I have noticed over the last few weeks that I have some students that are natural “commenters” (if that makes sense?), and others who are struggling with putting together a meaningful comment. Thanks for sharing your dos and don’ts and the sentence starters. It gave me some ideas and another direction to go as we continue to work on these skills.

  4. Reid,

    I stumbled upon this after seeing your comments on the struggles with the blogs and course 3 wants. I really dig the sentence starters you provide here – I plan on using them with some of my students who struggle with feedback. We are making a huge push this year to employ Austin’s Butterfly and some of Ron Berger’s thoughts on feedback in our Arts Department. So far so good! I checked out your personal site – very nice work. What did you use to make the site – talk about visually appealing. I really like the mix of text values on the pages and the overall look and feel. Let me know – please!

    1. Hey Matt:

      Thanks for the feedback. I used Weebly for my personal site. I’m glad you liked the sentence starters. I’m finding that introducing them should be a slow process, perhaps one sentence at a time (for 8-9 year-olds). But, they become second nature after awhile, no matter the age.

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